Firearms and Safety

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New Zealand has a high level of firearm ownership and use, with many people enjoying our varied hunting, shooting, and food collecting activities. New Zealand Police is committed to increasing the safe use and storage of firearms, and reducing the number of preventable deaths and injuries involving firearms.

As a firearms user you can take some simple steps to protect yourself, your loved ones, your mates, and your community.

  • Get to know the Arms Code and ensure you know about the safe use of firearms
  • Ensure your firearms are safely stored to prevent them from getting into the wrong hands

You can find helpful information on how you can safely use and store firearms, New Zealand firearms licences, laws, endorsements and import permits for residents, visitors, collectors and dealers.

I want to:

Apply for an endorsement                            

Apply for a firearms dealer licence              

Manage my firearms and requirements

  • Change of address
  • Lost firearms licence or permit
  • Lost and stolen firearms 
  • Hand in or surrender a firearm item
  • Destruction of a firearm
  • Update your health practitioner’s details

Getting started

Firearms Safety Course                                                

Firearms Safety e-learning                                              

Find a mentor                                                                               


Firearms Safety

Firearms storage                                                                  

Hunter safety                                                                  


What do I need to know?

News and updates                       

New firearms laws and what they mean                      

Firearms OIA responses                              

Graduated response