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The firearms amnesty and buy-back ends on 20 December

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Firearm law changes & prohibited firearms (including collection events and price lists).

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Unique prohibited items - applying for compensation

Firearms laws have changed


Firearm owners can apply for compensation if they own a unique prohibited firearm, part or accessory. If the prohibited item is rare, unique and/or has been modified in a way that the value increase of the item is significant, then firearm owners are able to apply for compensation through this process.

To be approved for compensation for unique prohibited items, firearm owners must meet the set criteria outlined in regulation 28P of the Arms Regulations 1992. Owners must read the regulation before submitting an application. Applications that fail to meet the criteria will be declined. 

Please submit applications as soon as possible, as the amnesty and buy-back scheme ends on 20 December 2019.

If you need help with your application, please consult the user guide below.

Criteria for unique prohibited items

The Arms Regulations 1992 recognise that not all items are represented in the price list and therefore acknowledge that there will be some unique, rare, or modified items that require special consideration. For example, some owners may have modified their prohibited item in a way that has significantly increased the items’ value and is not reflected in the price list (PDF 982KB).

Submitted applications and supporting evidence will be reviewed by Police. The Commissioner will determine whether to accept or decline applications and the compensation amount for the prohibited item. Firearm owners might be required to obtain and pay for a valuation from a Police approved valuer to support their application.

Applications need to meet one of the three criteria below:

  • the prohibited item is not listed in the compensation schedule and it is rare, or has other distinguishing characteristics that significantly affect its value, or
  • the prohibited item is not listed in the compensation schedule and it is otherwise unique and is substantially different from any other prohibited items listed in the compensation schedule, or
  • if the prohibited item is listed in the compensation schedule but the item has been modified in such a manner, and to such an extent, that there are reasonable grounds to believe the value of the item is at least 30% above the base price for that item listed in the price list.


Firearm owners applying for compensation will be required to pay a non-refundable application fee of $138.00 (GST inclusive) within 7 days of receiving an invoice. The fee covers the cost of processing the application, and any supplementary applications submitted at the same time.  

Applicants may be required to obtain a valuation from a Police approved valuer if the supporting documentation is not deemed sufficient. If this is the case, Police will get in contact with the applicant to outline next steps. The applicant will be responsible for making all necessary arrangements with the valuer and paying for the valuation.


The amount of compensation payable for a prohibited item does not include any economic loss, consequential loss, business interruption or any loss attributable to intrinsic or sentimental value.

How to apply

Please upload the following photos to your online notification form to support your application:

  • At least one photo that shows the entire item end to end
  • At least one photo that shows the barrel
  • At least one photo that shows the working action
  • At least one photo that shows the serial number
  • Any other photos that show rare, unique or distinguishing characteristics or evidence of modification.

Once you have submitted your application, you will receive the invoice for the $138.00 (GST inclusive) application fee. This is a non-refundable application fee and must be paid within 7 days of receiving the invoice. You will receive payment confirmation and following this, Police will begin reviewing the submitted application. Further details or actions relating to your application will be communicated to you directly by Police.

Key considerations

  • To be eligible for compensation, you must have a valid firearms licence with the correct endorsement and be in legal possession of the item.
  • Police may request that the applicant seeks a valuation from a Police approved valuer. The applicant is responsible for making all necessary arrangements with the valuer and paying for the valuation.
  • Police will work with each applicant on a case by case basis.
  • Criteria for unique prohibited items is specified in the Regulations. It is your obligation to check the Regulations on the New Zealand Legislation website and ensure your item is classified as unique prohibited before applying. Refunds will not be given for items that are not eligible.
  • The value of a unique prohibited item will be considered by a panel of experts, considering the evidence provided (including valuations from Police approved valuers where provided). The final decision will be made by the Commissioner of Police (or delegate).
  • While your application for compensation through the unique prohibited items application process is being considered, it is your responsibility to ensure that your firearm is appropriately insured against any loss or damage that could occur before the firearm is surrendered to Police.


Police approved valuers are listed below. Police will provide owners with the contact details of approved valuers, should the Commissioner of Police decide a valuation from an approved valuer is required. Firearm owners will need to make contact and work directly with the approved valuer on how, when and where the valuation will take place. The cost of the valuation and any transport requirements need to be covered by the applicant.



(if applicable) & LOCATION


Dennis Lally

Hawera, South Taranaki

Early military cartridge breech loading long-arms - from 1865 to 1950, which includes the period covering both the World Wars. 

Kevin Godkin

Phone: 09 579 8350

Mount Wellington, Auckland

Military firearms dating from the 1800s to present day, including Forte, a US military firearm from the American Civil war to the first Gulf War.

Greg Carvell

Phone: 09 579 3771

Penrose, Auckland

All types of collector’s firearms, from 1600’s to present. 

Peter Miles

Phone: 027 476 2731

Waipahihi, Taupo

All types of military and antique firearms and collectibles.

Myles Chandler

Phone: 021 897 455

Mt Eden, Auckland

World War 2 firearms, including semi autos. Rifles with tube magazines, lever action, semi auto pump and bolt. Post-war semi autos up until early 1970’s.

Graeme Champion

Phone: 06 769 9608;
027 605 8602

New Plymouth

All types of firearms from antique to modern. Specialty is unusual and classic firearms, mainly from the 1800’s to 1970’s.

John Herbert

Phone: 021 628 737

Upper Hutt, Wellington

World War 2 rifles, transitional semi-automatic and early battle rifles from the USA, Germany and the USSR. Commonwealth rifles (e.g. L1A1) and the AR15 rifles and its myriad of variants.

AG Matthews

Phone: 027 444 7661


Winchester and early American lever action, pump action and semi-automatic, and WWII and earlier semi-automatics categories like Commonwealth, German and Axis Powers. Japanese, Russian and US. Also military semi-automatics - 1945 to the Vietnam War.

Richard Munt

Phone: 09 579 3006

Penrose, Auckland

MSSAs (especially AR15), including in various sporting configurations.

Don Perry

Phone: 027 496 0884;
07 347 6470


Firearms in the modern AR15 platform and sporting competition firearms.

Claye Barry

Phone: 03 528 4276

Gun City Tasman


AR and AK type firearms. Experience in trading aftermarket firearm accessories, such as triggers, magazines, barrels.

Benjamin William Guy

Phone: 07 838 2220

Gun City Hamilton

AR15 and AK47 aftermarket parts and the value of building custom firearms. Knowledge in the value of collectible firearms.

Dan Hayston

Phone: 04 4891 8888

Gun City Wellington

Experienced with custom and modified AR’s and other firearms.

Jeremy Stuart

Phone: 03 348 9998

Gun City Christchurch


Depth of knowledge across all firearms and is particularly experienced with modern AR and AK firearms.

Matthew Tipple

Phone: 03 379 8888

Gun City Christchurch


Specialty is in AR platforms, both standard and customised. Experience in Russian/German/
Japanese semi-automatics, and pump and lever firearms.

Michael Cooper

Phone: 03 379 8888

Experience in Old West era to Vietnam War. Includes WWI and WWII firearms (especially French and German small arms).

Aaron Smith

Phone: 06 833 6048

Gun City Napier

Sporting and specialised AR platforms and non-AR.

Damien Straw

Phone: 09 308 9000

Gun City Auckland

Second-hand specialist for many years, in jewellery, antiques, and firearms. Knowledge across all firearm types.

Gareth Turner

Phone: 03 425 7898

Gun City Dunedin

Experienced with late 1800’s Levers, turn of the century pump 22’s to modern day AR platforms, WW2 semi’s and Russian semi’s.


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