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Firearms licensing for collectors and dealers

Full details of regulations covering firearms collectors and dealers can be found in the Arms Code.

Information and application forms are available if you wish to apply for an endorsement and permit to possess prohibited items on a collector or dealer.

Firearms collectors

You need a standard firearms licence if you collect firearms, plus a 'C endorsement' if you want to collect pistols and/or restricted weapons. This endorsement does not allow you to fire the weapons and demands strict storage security.

You need a different C endorsement for each of these situations:

  • you are a genuine collector with a collection that has an identifiable theme
  • you've got an heirloom pistol or restricted weapon that has special significance to you
  • you are a director or curator of a bona fide museum
  • you are employed by a bona fide theatrical group or film making organisation.

The fee for one or more endorsements is $204.00. Apply to your local firearms office.

Application form to apply for a C endorsement:

Firearms dealers

If you buy, sell, make or hire out firearms as part of a business, you need a dealer's licence as well as a standard licence. This is valid for one year.

Dealer's licence fee (new or renewal) - $204.00. Apply to your local firearms office.

If you wish to have prohibited items as part of your business you will need to apply for an endorsement and permit to possess prohibited items. If you wish to have pistols and restricted weapons as part of your business you will need an 'F endorsement'.

A separate consent is needed if you are a dealer holding or exhibiting at a gun show.
Dealers' gun show consent fee - $50.00

Importing firearms

Collectors and dealers need a permit to bring firearms into New Zealand. Contact your local firearms office.

You can only import firearms that are on the approved firearms list.

To have a firearm that is not on the list assessed, send details of the make and model by email using this Firearms enquiry contact form.

There are other offensive weapons you need the approval of your nearest arms officer to import:

  • knuckle-dusters (including knives with knuckle dusters incorporated)
  • swordsticks
  • any weapon disguised to have the appearance of something else
  • any knife where the blade opens automatically by button, spring, or other device (e.g. flick knife)
  • any knife where the blade is released by force of gravity or force to the central point and which is then locked in place by a button, spring, lever or other device
  • any knife (excluding folding pocket knife with blade less than 10cm) that is designed for easy concealment on the body, or has a double-edged blade designed for stabbing/throwing, or any knife known as ‘urban skinner, terminator, black eagle, black dagger, throwing knife’
  • bayonets.

Exporting firearms

You need an export permit to take or send firearms, components, accessories, ammunition and other offensive weapons out of New Zealand. This permit is needed whatever the state, completeness or working condition of the items. Certain exemptions exist for antique items and exports for the purposes of repair and return.

Export permits are issued free of charge by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Further information and application forms are available through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade website.