Firearms storage

All firearms licence holders are subject to conditions that require the safe and secure storage of their firearms. There are additional conditions that apply to endorsement holders in relation to pistols, restricted weapons, and prohibited firearms and prohibited magazines.

The Firearms Secure Storage Guidance document (PDF 1.3MB) has been created by Police with assistance from the Firearms Community Advisory Forum (FCAF) and is designed to assist firearms licence and endorsement holders and firearms licence applicants understand how the security conditions may be met.

This version of the document (September 2020) has been amended for the recent changes to the Arms Act 1983 (Arms Amendment Act 2019 and Arms Legislation Act 2020). Changes include:

  • removing references to A-Category firearms (now termed hunting and target shooting rifles and shotguns)
  • removing references to MSSA (Military Style Semi-Automatics) and replacing where appropriate with prohibited firearms and prohibited magazines
  • adding information about trigger locks and ammunition storage
  • renumbering the document to make referencing content easier