Firearms licence checker

You can use the Firearms Licence Checker when selling firearms or ammunition to check whether the person you are selling to is presenting a valid licence to make the purchase. This tool is the same one used by TradeMe however, it has been updated to also check licence version numbers (if applicable).

How to use the Firearms Licence Checker

  1. Open the link on your computer (PC or laptop)
  2. Enter the Seller’s details
    1. If a "Licence validation successful" pop up message appears, you can proceed to the Buyer’s details
    2. If a caution alert appears, verify the Seller’s details you have entered. If you are still receiving a caution alert, you won’t be able to proceed to the next step in the tool and may need to contact Police for further assistance.
  3. Enter the Buyer’s details
    1. If a “Licence validation successful” message pops up, then it is safe to proceed with the sale.
    2. If a “Could not validate buyer licence” alert appears, check you have entered the buyer’s details correctly. If you are still receiving the caution alert, then the buyer may not have a valid licence and you should not proceed with the sale.


If you require further assistance with the Firearms Licence Checker please email

More information including FAQs can be found in this Information Brochure (PDF 248KB).



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