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What is my obligation as a health practitioner?

There is a new obligation for health practitioners. To be aware of this obligation, please read the 
Information Sheet for Health Practitioners (PDF 1.5MB).

Note: The Information Sheet was developed in consultation with key stakeholders and agencies within the health sector, and is currently under review. If you have any queries in relation to the above, you can contact


Amendments to the Arms Act 1983 which came into effect 24 December 2020, introduce new requirements and obligations for Police, firearm licence holders, and health practitioners. These requirements and obligations are about safety. The safety of the firearms licence holder and those around them. The objective of this collective, early intervention approach is to help enable Police to prevent any potential harm caused by the possession and use of firearms in the community.

The changes require:

  • Firearms licence applicants to provide details of their health practitioner to Police,
  • Police to notify the health practitioner when a licence has been issued or a licence holder changes their health practitioner, and Health practitioners to consider notifying Police if they have reason to believe their patient is a firearms licence holder and their health condition will impact on the safety of the patient or the public, if they have access to, or use of, firearms (section 92).

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Notify Police

If you have concerns about a patient’s access to firearms, or you have received a notification from Police regarding a person who is not your patient, you can notify Police online:

Health Practitioner Reporting form

Alternatively, you can phone the non-emergency Police number 105. If you consider that the licence holder poses an immediate or imminent danger of self-harm or harm to others, please call 111 and ask for Police. For further guidance, please see the Information Sheet for Health Practitioners (PDF 1.6MB).


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Information Sheet for Health Practitioners
Health Practitioner Reporting


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