Mail order or Internet Sale changes

The rules relating to the sale of firearms items by Internet transaction or mail order (s43A) have been clarified and expanded. Both mail order and internet sales are now expressly included.

Internet and mail order sales of airguns (excluding those used in airsoft or paintball), pistol carbine conversion kits, and parts (that are not prohibited parts) will now require a written order under s43A(1). This was previously (and remains) a requirement for non-prohibited firearms and ammunition. The written order must be:

  • signed by the purchaser; and
  • stating the identifying markings on the arms item if it is a non-prohibited firearm, magazine, part, or pistol carbine conversion kit; and
  • signed by a member of the Police stating that the member of the Police:
    • has inspected the purchaser’s firearms licence; and
    • in the case of a PCC kit, has inspected the purchasers permit issued under s35AAA (note that transfers of PCC kits also require a permit to possess); and
    • is satisfied that the purchaser is a fit and proper person to purchase the arms item or ammunition.

Pistols, restricted weapons, prohibited firearms and prohibited magazines

For mail order or internet sales of a pistol, restricted weapon, prohibited firearm or prohibited magazine, s43A(3) provides that in addition to the purchaser obtaining an endorsement and permit to possess the item, the item must be delivered by a courier specified in the permit.

Prohibited parts

For mail order or internet sales of prohibited parts, the purchaser needs to have both:

  • an endorsement on their licence authorising them to possess a prohibited firearm (s 50C and 43A(3)(a)); and
  • a form from Police specifying the courier that will be delivering the parts (s 43A(3)(c)).


  • FRM43A (Editable PDF 117KB)
    Mail Order or internet sales of non-prohibited Firearm(s), Airgun(s) non-prohibited magazines, and/or Ammunition
    (Section – 43A Arms Act).
         For more information regarding the Mail Order process see: 
         Guide for applicants – Mail order or Internet Sales (PDF 21KB)
  • FRM43A-PP (Editable PDF 122KB)
    Mail order and internet sales of prohibited parts.
    A mail order or internet sales form is required where prohibited parts are being sold without in-person completion of the sale.