24 December 2020 changes

Overview of the changes

The main changes which come into force on 24 December include:

  • Individual licensing system:
    • Application for firearms licence (section 23)
    • Issue of licence (section 24)
    • Fit and Proper clarification; (section 24A)
    • General conditions on all firearms licences, including inspection of premises (including vehicles) where all firearms and ammunition are kept to ensure they are being stored securely (with 7 days’ notice) (section 24B)
  • Graduated Response to individual licence holders for breach of the Act or licence conditions:
    • Improvement Notices (section 60);
    • Temporary suspension of licence Police pending possible revocation (section 60A);
    • Power to require surrender of licence, arms items and ammunition while a licence is suspended (section 60B)
    • Revocation and surrender of licence if holder becomes disqualified (s27B)
    • Revocation of suspended firearms licence (s27C)
    • Persons who are disqualified from holding a firearms licence (section 22H)
  • Decision review system for refusal of a firearms licence application or revocation of a firearms licence (sections 62, 62A, 62B, 62C)
  • Ammunition importing, buying and sales regime (sections 22D, 22E, 24C)
  • Health Practitioner Requirements (sections 23(2A), 24(3) & 92)
  • Dealer Graduated Response to breach of the Act or licence conditions
    • Improvement notices (section 60)
    • Temporary suspension of dealer’s licence pending possible revocation (section 60A);
    • Effect of temporary suspension of dealer’s licence (s60C)
    • Revocation of suspended dealer’s licence (section 9A)
  • Fines and penalties: There are new offences (and/or new penalties) that commence:

    • Restrictions on possession of
      • non-prohibited magazines and non-prohibited parts (s22A) (new offence)
      • ammunition (s22B) (new offence)
    • Restrictions on selling/supplying ammunition (s22D) (new penalty)
    • Failure of ammunition seller to keep records (s22E) (new offence)