Amnesty and buy-back

An amnesty from committing offences for unlawful possession of the newly prohibited items and pistol carbine conversion kits (sections 50A and 50AA) is now in place for anyone who continues to possess the relevant item, provided they lawfully possessed the item before commencement of the legislation and do not use it after commencement. The amnesty will end six months after regulations are put in place providing compensation for these items.

Work is underway on a compensation scheme. Regulations need to be passed first. Police will advise when the regulations are made.

We will keep the information on our website updated and publicly communicate the buy-back process once it is set in regulations.

In the meantime we ask that you remember that you cannot use these newly prohibited firearms and pistol carbine conversion kits, so please store them safely and securely until either:

  • you obtain an endorsement and permit to lawfully possess them; or
  • you are able to hand them over to Police as part of the buy-back.

If you are unable to do this and feel you need to hand them over to Police now, please call 0800 311 311 to organise a suitable arrangement with your local Police.

Note, that you are still able to hand in any firearms or items that were prohibited in the 2019 Firearm law changes (Arms Amendment Bill 2). However you will no longer receive compensation for those items.

You can also hand over items that you do not want compensation for anonymously through a licensed dealer.