Amnesty 2021

An amnesty from committing offences for unlawful possession of the newly prohibited items and pistol carbine conversion kits (sections 50A and 50AA) is in place for anyone who continues to possess a prohibited firearm or a pistol carbine conversion kit or part of these, provided they lawfully possessed the item before commencement of the legislation and do not use it after commencement.

Regulations have been made which specify the following:

  • The current amnesty is in place until 1 August 2021.
  • The buy-back compensation took place from 1 February until 1 May 2021.
  • Compensation applications had to be made within those 90 days – in person at the time you hand over your item/s over to Police.
  • If your item met the “unique specified” criteria, your application needed to be made within 60 days (2 April).
  • Applications for endorsements to possess and use prohibited firearms and pistol carbine conversion kits needed to be submitted within 60 days. This Included dealers and people applying to retain unique specified items.
  • There were no modifications by gunsmiths allowed for this group of prohibited firearms.

For more detail see schedule 2 of the Arms Regulations 1992:

Handing in your items under amnesty

This amnesty will be managed by hand in at Police stations. Please contact your local Police station or Arms Office before you arrive with your firearm. Please ensure you transport your firearms and/or items safely and securely in a soft firearms bag or lockable hard transit case. Ensure no firearms or magazines are loaded, and please remove all detachable magazines.


Police values the feedback we receive, and the opportunity it allows us to improve our services.

If you wish to express your satisfaction or dissatisfaction regarding the amnesty and buy-back, you can consider the following options: