Amnesty and buy-back 2021

An amnesty from committing offences for unlawful possession of the newly prohibited items and pistol carbine conversion kits (sections 50A and 50AA) is in place for anyone who continues to possess a prohibited firearm or a pistol carbine conversion kit or part of these, provided they lawfully possessed the item before commencement of the legislation and do not use it after commencement.

Regulations have been made which specify the following:

  • The current amnesty is in place until 1 August 2021.
  • The buy-back compensation will take place from 1 February until 1 May 2021 at Police stations in districts by appointment.
  • Compensation applications need to be made within those 90 days – in person at the time you hand over your item/s over to Police.
  • If your item meets the “unique specified” criteria (see below section) and you want to apply for a unique price, your application needs to be made within 60 days (2 April).
  • Applications for endorsements to possess and use prohibited firearms and pistol carbine conversion kits must be submitted within 60 days. This Includes dealers and people applying to retain unique specified items.
  • There will be no modifications by gunsmiths allowed for this group of prohibited firearms.

We ask you to remember that you cannot use these newly prohibited firearms and pistol carbine conversion kits, so please store them safely and securely until either:

  • you obtain an endorsement and permit to lawfully possess them; or
  • you are able to hand them over to Police as part of the amnesty and buy-back.

You can find the regulations here:

Price list 2021

Handing in your items

This amnesty and buy-back will be managed by hand in at Police stations by appointment. We ask that you please contact Police on to book a time to hand in your item/s.

We will also have some drop-in times available at select stations over the three-month period. We will publish these times and locations on the website, in media, and advertise locally closer to the times. These days also include the opportunity for people to hand in any other arms items to Police which they would like to surrender.

If you are unable to travel to a station due to health or other restrictions, or you have a large number of firearms or items (more than 10) to hand in, please contact Police on

Applying for an endorsement and permit to retain your item/s

If you would like to apply to for an endorsement to retain your prohibited items, the options for doing so are outlined below.

In order to possess a newly prohibited item, you must meet the eligibility criteria for one of the following endorsement types:

  • Bona fide collector
  • Heirloom/Memento
  • Museum director/curator
  • Broadcaster/Theatrical
  • Pest Controller
  • Pistol (for people wishing to retain pistol carbine conversion kits)

If you have any questions about this process you can contact or

Pistol carbine conversion kits

If you already have a pistol carbine conversion kit and you do not have all of the relevant documents then you can apply here for a permit to possess.

Unique specified items

If you have a unique item that meets the below criteria you can apply for compensation by using a unique specified item application form and emailing it to This process will begin on 1 February 2021.

There will be a $138 fee for this application and Police may require you to provide a valuation from an approved valuer.

To be eligible for this process your item must be either:

  • Not on the price list and:
    • Rare or has other distinguishing characteristics that significantly affect its value or
    • Otherwise unique and substantially different from any other item or part listed in a compensation schedule
  • On the price list but modified to such an extent you consider the value is 30 percent above the list price.
  • The specified item is not listed in the price list and does not meet the criteria of the above options and should be considered for inclusion on the price list.

Once you have applied, Police will obtain advice on the valuation from a panel of industry experts.

Exception based pickup

If people have more than 10 items to hand in, or extenuating circumstances that mean they are unable to travel to a station to hand in your item/s, they can apply to have these picked up by Police. Police pick-ups are for exceptional circumstances only and will be assessed on a case by case basis and agreed by the Regional Collection Team. To request consideration people can complete the form and email it to for consideration.


If you are a dealer, you will need to apply for compensation within 60 days (2 April 2021) by emailing Police at You will then have a further 20 days to provide supporting evidence. If we require further information from you, you will have 10 days to provide back what has been requested by Police. This process will begin on 1 February 2021.