Consultation for shooting clubs and ranges regulations


As part of changes to the Arms Act 1983, we invited your views on proposals for regulations for shooting clubs and ranges. Submissions are now closed and are now in review.

The purpose of the proposed regulations is to strengthen safety, security and oversight of shooting clubs and ranges in New Zealand, to ensure responsible use of firearms, and provide a safe, controlled space for target shooting.

Background to the changes

In 2020, a number of changes were made to the Arms Act 1983 (the Act) to strengthen the control and regulation of firearms in Aotearoa / New Zealand. The changes reflect the Act’s principles that owning a firearm is a privilege, and people with that privilege have a responsibility to act in the interests of personal and public safety. Not all the changes have come into force at the same time. Instead, implementation is in phases. The next group of changes will come into force on 24 June 2022, and they can be found in the Arms Legislation Act 2020 in the section labelled ‘Part 6 Shooting clubs and shooting ranges’.

Shooting clubs, range operators, and their members and users are key parts of the firearms community in New Zealand. While the vast majority of clubs and ranges operate responsibly, the 2020 amendments strengthen the oversight framework by creating an approval and certification regime for shooting clubs and ranges.

To implement this framework, regulations must be made that set out the practical requirements for clubs and ranges to be approved and certified. Regulations will also spell out the obligations on clubs and ranges and ensure transparency and consistency across the framework.

Shooting club committees and shooting range operators will have until 24 June 2023 to apply for approval or certification.

Scope of proposals

New Zealand Police (Police) sought public views on proposals setting out the requirements for the approval of shooting clubs and certification of shooting ranges by the Police Commissioner.

Regulations must be made to provide clear and comprehensive directions on expectations around legislative requirements for new Part 6 of the Act, ‘Shooting clubs and shooting ranges’.

The general aims of this consultation were to:

  • ensure the regulations are fit-for-purpose and minimise any unintended consequences, and
  • give stakeholders, in particular shooting club committees and members, and shooting range operators, opportunity to understand and shape the proposed regulations.

Out of scope

Only feedback on proposed changes to the Arms Regulations 1992, relating to shooting clubs and shooting ranges, was sought. Part 6, or on the transitional provisions in new Clauses 12 and 13 of Part 2 of Schedule 1 of the Act (inserted by the Arms Legislation Act 2020) was out of scope of the consultation.

How sumissions were received

Submissions are now closed.

Police invited submissions on the proposals in the discussion document, to hear thoughts on whether the proposals were fit for purpose and whether there were any foreseen unintended consequences.

The discussion document included specific questions in the submission form relating to the proposals for regulations for shooting clubs and ranges.

Discussion document (PDF, 1.48MB)

Submissions were open from 23 March to 4 May 2022. The discussion document provides information on the questions in the submission form, which could be returned via email or post.


The Privacy Act 2020 governs how Police collects, holds, uses, and discloses personal information about you and the submission you provide. You have the right to ask to access and correct your personal information held by Police.

  • Your submission, or a summary of your submission, may be made publicly available on Police’s website.
  • If you are submitting as an individual (not on behalf of a group or organisation, nor in your professional capacity), your personal details and any identifying information will be removed. Please indicate in the box provided in the submission form if you do not want your submission published on Police’s website.

Sometimes people request copies of submissions under the Official Information Act 1982 (OIA). If you want your name and any identifying information removed from your submission before any release to a requester, please indicate in the box provided in the submission form.

What happens to my submission?

Police will read and analyse each submission received. Your feedback will help Police to identify problems, solutions, and ensure the regulations are clear and fit for purpose. The results of submissions will be reported to Cabinet, alongside Police’s recommendations.

Final proposals will be considered by Cabinet for approval before the drafting of regulations. New regulations will be notified in the New Zealand Gazette prior to coming into force during 2022.