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In New Zealand, every firearm user requires a firearms licence unless the use of that firearms is under the direct supervision of a current firearms licence holder.

Below you will find information on how to apply for New Zealand firearms licences and endorsements for residents, visitors, collectors and dealers.



New Zealand Firearms Licence

To possess and use a firearm in New Zealand you must have a current firearms licence.


Visitor Firearms Licence & Import Permits

As a visitor, you need a visitor's firearms licence to bring in and use firearms unsupervised in New Zealand. You will also need an import permit to bring in prohibited offensive weapons other than firearms.


Dealer's Licence

If you sell, hire, lend, display, auction, repair, modify, or manufacture firearms you need a dealer’s licence.

Permit to Import or Possess

You must have a firearms or dealers licence and then seek a Permit to Import before purchasing firearms, pistol carbine conversion kits (PCCKs) or ammunition from overseas.


You need to apply for one or more endorsements on your firearms licence if you want to possess higher risk classes of firearms, such as pistols, restricted weapons, prohibited firearms, or prohibited magazines.




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