Arms Code

Safety is critical when storing, handling, or using a firearm. It is vital any person using firearms has a strong understanding of the Arms Code, particularly the seven basic rules of firearms safety.


Read the Arms Code

The Arms Code 2013 - English (PDF 1.4MB)
The Arms Code 2013 - Korean (PDF 155KB)
The Arms Code 2013 - Chinese (PDF 201KB)


Since the 2013 Arms Code was published, there has been a change to the processes for purchasing or acquiring a firearm via mail order and internet sales.  See Firearms - Buying & selling for more information.


Updates to the Arms Code

The Arms Code is currently being reviewed and updated in consultation with members of the Firearms Community Advisory Forum and other subject matter experts.  First time firearms licence applicants can still use the 2013 version of the Arms Code (see links above) to prepare for the Firearms Safety Course.



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