Identification requirements for the Firearms Safety Course

Two forms of identification are required

You need to choose AT LEAST one document from the primary list below, and at least one of the documents must have a photo of you.

For example, you may show your current NZ passport and a recent (within last 6 months) electricity bill or bank statement as your two forms of identification.

Note: the name on the identification document(s) must exactly match the name printed on your Firearms Safety Course confirmation letter. If there is a difference, contact your local Arms Office immediately to arrange for a replacement letter with the correct name details.

Primary list

Document type

Issued by

New Zealand full birth certificate (issued on or after 1 January 1998)

Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) (Identity Services)

New Zealand passport*

DIA (Identity Services)

New Zealand driver licence* when it shows the exact same name(s) and date of birth as your birth certificate and passport.

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency (NZTA)

Overseas passport (may include New Zealand visa/permit)*

Overseas authority

New Zealand emergency travel document

DIA (Identity Services)

New Zealand refugee travel document

DIA (Identity Services)

New Zealand certificate of identity (issued under the Passports Act 1992)

DIA (Identity Services)

New Zealand certificate of identity (issued under the Immigration Act 1987)

Ministry of Business and Innovation (Immigration)

New Zealand citizenship certificate

DIA (Identity Services)

*These documents can be current or expired up to two years. All other documents in this table must be current.

Supporting list

Document type

Issued by

18+ card

Hospitality Association of New Zealand

Community services card

Ministry of Social Development (MSD)

SuperGold card


Veteran SuperGold card


New Zealand student photo ID card

Educational Institution

New Zealand employee photo ID card


New Zealand electoral roll record

Enrolment centre of NZ Post

New Zealand-issued utility bill or bank statement*

Utility provider or bank

Overseas driver licence

Overseas licensing authority

Steps to freedom form

Department of Corrections

*These documents must be issued within the last six months. They must show your first name (or initials) and last name, and the issuer (e.g. utility company or bank). They don't need to show any transaction details. All other documents in this table must be current.



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