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Police partner with schools to proactively prevent crime, victimisation and crashes, and increase the safety of schools and their communities.

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Information and guidelines

Here you'll find information for schools on partnership with police, programmes, best practice guidelines on several topics, and information for students and parents. ... more

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New Zealand Police has developed a range of resources and interventions for schools. These are grouped into five themes. ... more

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School stories

This is the place to find examples of how students and schools are supporting themselves and others to live and learn free from the harm caused by crime and crashes. ... more

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About the Portal

The School Portal is a place where school staff, parents, students and Police can work together to achieve our educational and safety goals. ... more

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Get involved

There are many ways people may get involved with safety at their school. For example, you could take part in school events or ask questions around safety. ... more

Latest news

Read the latest news about how Police and schools partner together. ... More