Telecommunications (Interception Capability & Security) Act 2013

The Telecommunications (Interception Capability and Security) Act (TICSA) was passed in November 2013. It makes changes to the obligations of New Zealand telecommunications network operators in relation to interception and network security. Under the Act, Police have the responsibility for maintaining a register of network operators that holds information, on behalf of all of the surveillance agencies, about network operators and their compliance with the obligations set out in the Act.

Police also assess whether a network operator should be exempt from some of their obligations, and enforce non-compliance with the interception capability requirements in the Act.

TICSA Registration Portal

If you are a registered network operator or service provider and have been given a RealMe login, you can log in to the Registration Portal at the below link:

Real Me log in button



If you are a registered network operator or service provider and have not been given a RealMe login, please contact the TICSA Group at NZ Police to enquire about this.

Do I need to register?

The Act requires that network operators register their information with the Police Registrar. A network operator is defined in the legislation as “a person who owns, controls, or operates a public telecommunications network; or a person who supplies (whether by wholesale or retail) another person with the capability to provide a telecommunications service”.

We recommend that you seek your own legal advice to determine whether you or your organisation might be considered a network operator under the TICSA. You may also contact us to receive guidance on whether you fall under the TICSA for lawful intercept purposes, or refer to the NCSC.

The Registrar

The Registrar is a role created in the TICSA for a suitable person whose responsibilities include the register of network operators. The Commissioner of Police has appointed Assistant Commissioner Richard Chambers as the Registrar.


Contact the Registrar’s office