Useful resources

New Zealand Police and other organisations have a range of information and resources to help you prevent crime and reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime.

  • Rural Security Checklist
    This checklist has been developed by New Zealand Police to help you consider the security of your farm or rural property.
  • Crime Prevention Booklet
    Find out the key things to preventing crime.
  • Crimestoppers - Nail em
    Crimestoppers in conjunction with NZXAgri and the countries stock agents will launch “Nail em” as a nationwide campaign to nail stock theft.
  • - Livestock theft (LINK TO BE UPDATED, LAST CHECKED 31 MAY 2019)
    AgriHQ in partnership with Crimestoppers is aiming to raise awareness of livestock theft and help track down and prosecute offenders.
  • Unlawful hunting poster
    This poster aims to deter unlawful hunting. Feel free to print this poster using appropriate weather proof materials to display on your rural property.
  • Oritain
    Oritain offers a service to prove where your produce comes from, preventing fraud.
  • Serial Number Action Partnership (SNAP)
    The Serial Number Action Partnership (SNAP) is an initiative of New Zealand Police, aiming to prevent burglary and make it harder for criminals to sell goods in New Zealand.
  • Rural Women New Zealand 
    A charitable, membership-based organisation supporting people in rural communities through learning opportunities, advocacy and connections.
  • Community Patrols of New Zealand
  • Community Patrols of New Zealand are voluntary groups of people helping to make their local communities safer. Find out if there is a patrol near you.
  • Neighbourhood Support
    Neighbourhood Support has a range of useful fact sheets, including on your home and property, neighbourhood issues, holiday security, and vehicles.
  • Local councils
    Contact your local council to obtain your Rural Address Property Identification (RAPID) number which identifies your property and will help ensure services reach you as fast as possible in the event of an emergency.