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Fifty stories of schools partnering with Police

September 2017

Over fifty narratives (or case-studies) describing school-wide interventions to tackle local identified and prioritised issues have just been uploaded to the School Portal's Narratives knowledge bank, adding to the 200 existing narratives.   

The latest batch of narratives of interventions, all done during 2016, shows how Police worked with schools using a problem-solving methodology, identifying issues, and analysing data to establish measurable goals that show impact. The interventions were aligned to the 'whole school approach', that is, a systems-based way of changing behaviour. 

Each narrative concludes by reflecting on the ;lessons learnt, in which the school and Police consider the obstacles they had to overcome, their next steps, and what they would do differently next time.

Here's a sampling of just a few of the fifty 2016 narratives (they're all Word documents, mostly two or three pages long):