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Sample 'alcohol & other drugs' intervention

September 2016

We’ve just posted a new sample schoolwide intervention plan addressing alcohol and other drugs (AoD) on the Partnerships in Practice page of the School Portal: 

This is a mock plan for an imaginary school, but it is based on a genuine intervention that is currently taking place in an actual secondary school. Schools and police can use this example as a guide to develop their own school-wide interventions to deal with AoD or other issues.

Besides the plan itself, there’s a set of appendices containing the various documents referred to in the intervention plan, such as the school’s AoD policy and its education plan. There’s also a sample of the narrative that would be done at the conclusion of this AoD intervention.

The plan uses the schoolwide intervention plan template from the School Portal, which consists of three main parts:

  • The first page shows the high-level information.
  • The second page (grey table) provides a summarised overview of the plan.
  • The following pages (yellow, blue and red tables) provide more detailed breakdowns of the plan aligned to each component of the whole school approach, showing exactly who does what by when, and how they’ll know if it works.

Whilst Pohutukawa College is imaginary, the real-life intervention on which this sample is based is a great example of a school committing considerable time, effort and resources into partnering with Police and others in an in-depth plan to achieve their desired goals.