Keeping safe

Keeping our children safe

Guidelines on keeping your children safe at home and while travelling to and from school. Includes tips on babysitters, using the telephone and protecting your children from drugs. … More

Keeping yourself safe at home

Explains the importance of knowing your neighbour and what to do if you find an intruder, prowler or burglar. There is also advice and a video to help older people stay safe at home. … More

Keep safe when out and about

Learn about some precautions to follow when you are out walking or in your car and what to do if you are followed or attacked. Find out about SAFE (7233), free text message service. … More

Staying safe in rural New Zealand

Safety advice for those living in rural areas, including the use of RAPID numbers and how to prevent and protect yourself from rural crime. … More

Keeping our teenagers safe

This page contains information to help you protect your teenagers through situations relating to road safety, alcohol and attending or hosting parties. … More

Visitors to New Zealand

If you are a visitor to New Zealand, here is some advice on how to keep yourself and your stuff safe. … More

Safe at sea

Get advice on boat safety and maritime disaster plans. If you are buying a boat, find out how you might recognise a stolen boat.… More

Safety in the outdoors

New Zealand has fantastic outdoor recreation opportunities, but there are risks that need to be managed so you’ll have a great trip and make it home. … More