National Organised Crime Group

Kia ora. The Organised and Financial Crime Agency New Zealand is now the National Organised Crime Group. We are a New Zealand Police Group with an extensive multi-agency focus. Our aim is to reduce the harm that serious and organised crime, including financial crime, causes in our communities.

We detect, investigate and prosecute those committing this offending and disrupt their activities through, among other measures, operations to restrain and forfeit the proceeds of crime.

We also seek to improve understanding of organised crime networks and the harm they cause, as well as preventing the risks they pose, both within New Zealand and internationally.

The National Organised Crime Group centralises and enhances intelligence gathering against organised crime groups, including those committing financial crime, so information is shared between law enforcement and other relevant agencies.

We collaborate with, and enhance cooperation between, law enforcement and other relevant agencies in planning and conducting operations, both nationally and internationally.

As well as our enforcement goals, the ultimate outcome we are seeking is for New Zealand to be an even safer country, with a strong reputation as a safe place for other countries to deal with and a reduction in social harm in our communities.

The National Organised Crime Group is led by the National Manager Operations Organised Crime, Detective Superintendent Greg Williams, and is part of the Police Investigations Group reporting to Assistant Commissioner Richard Chambers. Crime Services Managers located in Auckland and Wellington lead investigation teams and report to the National Manager Operations Organised Crime.

Assistant Commissioner Chambers will lead the Police Governance Group comprising relevant Assistant Commissioners and National Managers.

The cross-agency Organised Crime Senior Managers Forum will provide the strategic direction to the National Organised Crime Group priorities and activities.

The National Organised Crime Group will report annually on its actions and outcomes to the Ministerial Oversight Group on Gangs.