I’ve lost an item of property. How do I report that?

I’ve lost an item of property. How do I report that?

You can now report lost property online. This is phase one of our Online Reporting Trial as we modernise our service channels to make it easier for people to engage with us.

We recommend using Google Chrome or the latest version of Safari to complete this report.

Online Reporting (non-emergency)

When using a tablet or smartphone to access the online reporting tool, a Wi-Fi connection may provide the best performance.

If you are using the online tool for the first time, and experiencing a loading issue, we suggest that you refresh.

Or you can contact your local police station and complete a lost property report over the phone or in person.

When you report lost property to Police you will receive a Police Acknowledgement Form (PAF) with a reference number that can be used for insurance purposes.

Items that are handed in to Police are held for a sufficient period of time to make the necessary enquiries. Keeping serial numbers greatly improves your chances of identifying property if it is handed in.