Someone else was using my vehicle at the time it got a ticket. What do I do?

Someone else was using my vehicle at the time it got a ticket. What do I do?

Liability for an offence can be transferred into the name of another party or driver by completing a statutory declaration. A copy of the statutory declaration is included with your notice.

Any declaration made must be witnessed by an authorised person as detailed on the statutory declaration.

To make a statutory declaration relating to an infringement notice, download and complete the Statutory Declaration form below.

A person not named on the notice cannot request a court hearing or photo. The offence remains in the name on the notice until the transfer of liability process has been completed.

A transfer of liability cannot be completed once the notice has been transferred to the Ministry of Justice.

Safe speed camera infringements

A statutory declaration form is sent out with speeding tickets (infringement notices) to advise driver details. It must be signed and witnessed before the responsibility of the notice can be transferred onto anyone else.

Infringement notice issued by a police officer

If the user of the vehicle gave false information when stopped you should write to the Police Infringement Bureau, PO Box 9147, Wellington 6141. Include:

  • infringement notice number
  • details of the vehicle stopped (registration number, make and model)
  • your name, address and email address (optional)
  • a copy of your photo identification, such as driver licence or passport photo page
  • if possible, proof that you could not have been the driver at the time of the offence, such as timesheets or a letter from your employer.

The officer who issued the infringement notice will be consulted and your notice will be put on hold until it is sorted out.