What is compliance?

What is compliance?

Compliance (or traffic compliance) is an alternative to paying a traffic infringement fee or prosecution for a limited number of offences (child safety restraints, WoF (Warrant of Fitness), CoF (Certificate of Fitness), minor vehicle defects, driver licences, cycle helmets, cycle lighting and vehicle licensing) where an Infringement Offence Notice (ION) has been issued.

Compliance is offered at the discretion of Police and is written on the infringement notice by the issuing officer when the offence matches the qualifying criteria.

The fee associated with an Infringement Offence Notice can be waived if the infringement notice holder (owner or driver) supplies evidence to the Police Infringement Bureau that the fault or defect has been fixed or a requirement has been met within the specified time period.

Proof of Compliance can be submitted via email using the general enquiries online form or by post to: Police Infringement Bureau, PO Box 9147, Wellington 6141.

If the fault or defect is not rectified then the infringement fee remains payable. Please pay the full fee - instalments and part payments are not accepted. Part paid fees will be returned and the infringement will remain due for payment, in one full amount, by the due date.  – (see payment link for further information if needed).