What happens after I make a Police report?

What happens after I make a Police report?

Find out what happens after you report a crime or incident to Police and how you can request an update, provide more information or get advice.

What we do next

What happens diagram

This diagram outlines the process we follow after you make a Police report online, over the phone or at a Police station.

It’s important to understand that:

  • Police may not attend in person, depending on the nature of your report and how serious it is
  • if Police can’t proceed any further, we keep your report and review it if we receive more information we can act on.
  • it may not be a matter for Police

If you need to contact us

To get in touch after you’ve made a Police report, you can use our 105 report update form or call 105 to:

  • add further information or upload relevant photos/documents
  • let us know if there is CCTV/video evidence we can access (you can’t load this so we need to know who has it and how to access it)
  • get an update on your report
  • withdraw your report, for example if you find the item you reported lost.

Report update form

What you need to provide

If you contact us, you’ll need to use one of these numbers:

  • your online reference number (eg OR-12345678N), which you get if you report online
  • your Police case number (eg 123456/1234), which you get if you make any Police report (we send you a Police Acknowledgement Form that includes the number).
  • your Police event number (eg P012345678), which you may get if you make a call to Police

If you have made a Police report and want to talk to us but don’t have either of these numbers, call us on 105 or visit your local station.

Find a Police station

What happens when I report a stolen vehicle

When you make a stolen vehicle report, we place a stolen alert on the vehicle you reported, using the license plate you provided. If police officers come into contact with the vehicle, the driver or passengers, they may be able to investigate further.

If we find your vehicle, we’ll contact you as soon as possible. If you find your vehicle, please let us know.

You can also post on social media to increase the number of people looking for your vehicle. If you do, you can ask people to update the report online, using the case file number.

What you may need for insurance companies, banks or other organisations

If an organisation requires proof that you made a Police report, give them your online reference number or Police case number.

Some things that may not be a Police matter

These could include things such as:

Noisy neighbours

Barking dogs

Fencing disputes

To access information and reporting options across government agencies see:


Tips to protect your property

Read our simple steps and watch a video about how to protect your property.

Protect your property and belongings

If you need support or advice

For more information or support you can contact:

  • Victim information – for information about the legal and court system and other support services for people affected by crime.
  • Victim Support – if you want to talk to someone about what happened to you
  • Citizens Advice Bureau – for free, confidential, independent information and advice to anyone
  • Neighbourhood Support – to help make your community safe, resilient and connected
  • CERT – if you need to report a cybersecurity problem
  • NetSafe – for support if you or someone you know has been harmed online
  • Human Rights Commission – if you need to report unlawful discrimination, for example harmful or hate speech, or racial harassment.