Commissioner's blog: Direct line

New Deputy Commissioner for Police


I was pleased to welcome my colleague Viv Rickard to the role of Deputy Commissioner last week.
In Police, three roles are appointed by the Governor General - the Commissioner of Police and two Deputy Commissioners.
The Commissioner is like a chief executive, responsible for overseeing everything that happens in Police. In my role, I am accountable to the Minister of Police for the administration of police services, but have full, independent responsibility for law enforcement decisions.
The two Deputies hold the same legal powers as the Commissioner. If the Commissioner is unavailable for any reason (such as on leave or overseas), a Deputy takes over for that time so the Office of the Commissioner of Police can continue.
Although Police runs a command hierarchy, responsibilities on our executive are divided into portfolios, as they are in most management boards.
One deputy - currently Deputy Commissioner Rob Pope - oversees all operations being run in the police districts, like a national commander of police operations.
The other - now Deputy Commissioner Viv Rickard - manages all our major resource issues. He is the bridge between frontline officers and all the things that allow them to do their jobs - everything from equipment to employment contracts.
After 26 years in Police, Viv has an understanding of operational policing which will be very valuable in his new role.
I look forward to working with him as part of the senior management team at New Zealand Police.
NZ Police executive structure