As of 19 April 2011, Police had received invoices from 232 suppliers for goods or services relating to the search, rescue and recovery operation at Pike River Coal Mine.

Breakdown of expenditure

Goods or services Cost
Drilling of boreholes $429,177
Engineering and equipment purchases and hireage $895,189
Floxal Nitrogen System:


  • Transport
  • Hireage
GAG Machine:[1]


  • Jet Engine & Support Equipment
  • Personnel
  • Fuel
Gas monitoring and analysis $596,606
Gas monitoring equipment hire $120,126.
Professional services and consulting $297,460
Security $165,929
Water Corporation Robot $142,834
Helicopters $846,623
NZ Mines Rescue Trust $698,915
Australian Mines Rescue Trust $321,275
Freight 197,385
  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Rental cars
Other costs (such as consumables, catering, printing, stationery and other sundry expenses) $733,591
Total search, rescue and recovery costs paid to third parties  $10,916,871

In addition $296,488 of staff allowances has been paid to Police officers on rotation in Greymouth.

Pike River costs [PDF, 34KB]
Deed of Reimbursement of Costs, July 2012 [PDF, 55KB]

[1] GAG Machine means the Gorniczy Agregat Gasniczy machine provided to the Police by Queensland Mines Rescue Service and all associated spares, consumables and manuals;