Monday, 15 September 2003 - 11:05am |
National News

Police want progress in Waugh matters

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Police look forward to putting their side of the Waugh case before the courts, the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Steve Long, said today.

Deputy Commissioner Long said Police rejected claims being made by Mr Waugh’s counsel, Dr Robert Moodie, as completely unacceptable.

&#34Every story has two sides. At the moment procedural issues mean one side of the story is getting more air play than the other. The private criminal prosecutions are inhibiting the Employment Court case. Police will put our side of the story before the Employment Court as soon as is possible.

Mr Long rebutted Dr Moodie’s attack on Commissioner Robinson concerning discovery of documents for the criminal case.

&#34The personal attack on the Commissioner is without foundation. The allegations are rejected because they are false.

&#34Police have provided Dr Moodie with large amounts of documentation from Police files.

&#34As in all cases once evidence is before the court the judicial processes will take their course,&#34 said Deputy Commissioner Long.

Note: As these matters relate to current court proceedings Deputy Commissioner Long will not be available for interviews.