Tuesday, 16 September 2003 - 11:25am |
National News

Police focus on information analysis

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Detective Inspector Rod Drew, head of Operation Reef, investigating the disappearance of six year old Coral Burrows, says police are analysing a huge amount of information today and following it up.

&#34It is time consuming but a vital stage in this investigation.&#34

&#34We are speaking to travellers on State Highway 53 this morning. We are still interested in any sightings of any vehicles on last Tuesday or Wednesday parked or being driven slowly or in an unusual manner near Double Bridges at the base of the Rimutaka Hill Road, between Double Bridges and Featherston, in South Featherston Road and the routes leading back to Featherston including SH53, Longwood Road and surrounding streets. We are also interested in people seen in these areas on Tuesday or Wednesday 9 and 10 September.

&#34This morning two mail delivery staff distributed a police information flier to 820 addresses in the Featherston area and a further 400 rural letter boxes.&#34

&#34The search managers will be meeting today to review search areas covered and discuss the next stages in the search effort. There have been reports the searches are being abandoned -- this is certainty not the case,&#34 Mr Drew says.

Today’s searches continue on from yesterday and include:

• Police divers extending their search to below the floodgates at the lower end of Lake Wairarapa.
• A helicopter rechecking the lake and surrounding waterways.
• Police and civilian search teams working over additional bush and farm properties.
• Police and volunteer search teams on the Ruamahanga River, riverbanks and bushland
• Coral’s home in Woodward Street.

&#34We are still receiving a good number of calls through our freephone. The total number of calls is now just over 560.&#34 Please contact us with any information:
Freephone 0508 677 333 or 0508 OP REEF