Tuesday, 16 September 2003 - 4:07pm |

Police conclude abduction is likely and appeal for sightings of another car

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Police investigating the disappearance of six-year old Coral Burrows are now
satisfied Coral is not within the perimeters of the area, which expert opinion indicates that Coral could have traveled unassisted.

&#34Having considered all of the information available, I am led to the inevitable conclusion that Coral has been abducted and taken from the immediate area by another person,&#34 said Inspector Drew, head of Operation Reef.

&#34The investigation focus is now on determining the identity of that person and the circumstances of the abduction.&#34

Police also appealing for sightings of a beige/fawn coloured Lada sedan in the Featherston, Greytown, Martinborough or South Wairarapa on Tuesday of last week between the hours of 12.30pm and 3.30pm.

&#34This will help us to confirm important movements on the day Coral went missing and is all part of standard practice in major investigations of this nature,&#34 said Mr Drew.

Mr Drew says police remain committed to finding Coral and determining the circumstances of her disappearance.

&#34We are still receiving a good number of calls through our freephone. The total now is around 660.&#34

If people can help with information and sighting of the cars please contact us:

Freephone 0508 677 333 or 0508 OP REEF