Thursday, 23 October 2003 - 3:55pm |
National News

Mt Cook rescue teams still waiting to go

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Rescue teams at Mt Cook are still on standby and poised, waiting for a change in the weather to get through to a sick climber and her companion, stranded on the Rudolph Glacier.

Constable Greg SUTHERLAND says that the teams from Mt Cook and from Wanaka are being briefed now to go in as soon as there is an opportunity.

&#34We have heard that the weather is clearing in Queenstown so we are hopeful we’ll be able to get in tonight,&#34 he says. &#34In the best case scenario we’ll get one team straight to the patient and get them out tonight. In the next best scenario, we’ll get both teams by helicopter to the glacier tonight.&#34

&#34Morale and spirits are high amongst the rescuers,&#34 says Constable SUTHERLAND.