Wednesday, 5 November 2003 - 9:12am |
National News

Police heading for record year for meth lab busts

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Police have shut down 146 methamphetamine laboratories so far this year, compared with 147 for 2002, said Police National Crime Manager, Detective Superintendent Rob Pope.

"Police are committed to keeping the pressure on in the drive to close down meth laboratories," said Mr Pope.

"The most recent bust in Hamilton highlights the highly dangerous and toxic nature of meth manufacture and the danger to Police staff and all those involved."

Mr Pope said the chemicals used in the manufacture of meth have to be handled with care. Specially trained chemists and forensic scientists are essential to ensure the investigation is conducted properly.

ESR is recruiting qualified scientists to increase available resources. This is not a funding issue.

"ESR is the appropriate agency to employ scientists, conduct the tests and provide analysis required to support and complement the work of Police to bring those involved in the production of methamphetamine to justice."

Mr Pope emphasised Police were not in a position to employ all the skills necessary and it was important to be able to contract in the skills and expertise of external, independent specialists to support such investigations.