Wednesday, 19 November 2003 - 4:50pm |
National News

Police still hunting shooter

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Police are still looking for Graham Jason Walsh, 53 in connection with the shooting of Constable Warren Smith in Hastings last Saturday evening.

There have not been any sightings of Walsh since the shooting despite extensive searches conducted along the Ngaruroro River in the vicinity of where Walsh’s vehicle was found.

This morning a helicopter using heat-imaging technology flew along both sides of the riverbank to try to locate Walsh.

Detective Inspector Godfrey Watson said Police still had an open mind as to what may have happened to Walsh, that he was still in the area or whether he was still alive.

"There has been no sign of him. This is very unusual," said Detective Inspector Watson.

"There is a possibility he has taken his own life but until we have any solid evidence of this we have to assume he is still alive. It can not be ruled out that he may have left the Hawke’s Bay, or at least the immediate area"

Police are still asking members of the public to come forward with any information that might lead them to his whereabouts. However, he is considered dangerous and not to be approached.

Description of Graham Jason Walsh, he is aged 53 years, caucasian (European), 180 cm in height, medium build, green eyes, brown hair and full, closely cropped beard

Any information should be forwarded to the Operation Falcon base at Hastings Police Station on 06 873 0500.