Thursday, 5 February 2004 - 3:39pm |
National News

Another climber dead on Mt Cook

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A Romanian climber has been reported dead on Mt Cook this afternoon.

Constable Brett SIMON at the DOC base, Mt Cook, says that it is has been reported that one of a two person team (both men) has fallen to their death on the upper Linda Glacier. The survivor radioed to a third member of the group, a woman, at the Plateau Hut at 1.20pm. They then advised DOC from Plateau Hut.

The dead man’s age is not known and his name has not been released as next of kin are to be advised.

Constable SIMON says a helicopter has left to retrieve the body and the rest of the group. Two NZ climbers had assisted the survivor.

"Whether the helicopter can get in to retrieve the body and climbers will depend on the access," says Constable SIMON. "However the conditions are quite good, the weather is fine with patchy clouds."

The level of experience of the climbers is not known however they appeared to be well equipped, says Brett Simon.

The climbers had been flown in to Plateau Hut yesterday and were due to come out on Saturday.