Tuesday, 9 March 2004 - 3:00pm |
National News

Viruses "from" New Zealand Police

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It appears there is a virus writers "turf war" going on at the moment resulting in a jump in the number of viruses running around the Internet.

One of the tricks used is to choose the senders address from a database at random. So you can now be certain that the sender was someone other than the one indicate in the email!

In the last few days some viruses have been marked as coming from fictitious New Zealand Police email addresses. Most of the addresses do not correspond to any real person in New Zealand Police.

Our best advice is to just delete the virus email.

We do not recommend responding to these emails as your reply will either "bounce" back undelivered or reach a secondary victim. Either way, your response only wastes more of your time and further clogs internet transmission lines.