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Renewal of Firearms licenses - Ashburton & Timaru

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Renewal of Firearms licenses - Ashburton & Timaru

South Canterbury firearms license holders may find that they do not have valid license this year says the Canterbury Police Firearms co ordinator.

" Since February 2004 we have sent out 2417 reminders re licenses due to be renewed. From the Ashburton/ Timaru area on average 17% have been returned as not known at this address," says Mr Frank Lynch. "In other words they have not sent us a change of address notification. The average for Canterbury is only 14%."

Recent mail out for July and August 2004 expiry date licence holders has resulted in a 17% return due to licence holders failing to notify change of address, says Mr Lynch. " Since February we have been reminding people whose licenses are due for renewal up to three months in advance, that is April to August 2004."

Canterbury Police arms office staff say that if you wish to continue shooting:
• Check your firearms license expiry date so that you can:
 Re-apply before the expiry date. If you miss the expiry date, by even a day, the cost will be $236.25. If you commence renewal before the date, the cost is rebated to $123.75, which is also the cost of a first time license.

 Surrender the license before the expiry date. This means you can re-apply at a later date at the rebated price.

• Check that you have WRITTEN to the police if you have changed your address.

This change of address must be in writing, and should be within 30 days of the move. Otherwise any material sent out to remind you could have gone to a previous address. Failure to notify change of address is a summary offence that could attract a penalty of $500 fine upon conviction.

Change of address forms are available from any police station, or licence holders may write or fax their changed details to the nearest police station.

Firearms licenses can be applied for and renewed at any Police station that has a public counter. Payment is made at Post shops.

Details of license requirements are available from Police stations, the Arms Office at Christchurch Central in Hereford Street, or on the police web site

Duck shooters are also reminded that with mandatory use of steel shot this season in some areas, they should ensure their gun is capable of using steel shot loads.