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Health product recall and investigation

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23 April 2004

Health care products withdrawn from market

Christchurch Police have begun an investigation after several reports from the public, that they have received minor injuries after using Narium Natural Mist nasal spray and Summer’s Eve Feminine Wash Intimate Cleansing Mist.

Detective Inspector Peter Read says that there have been four reported incidents involving eight people, complaining of irritation after using the spray or the wash.

"The contents of the nasal spray were analysed by ESR and did not match the manufacturer’s product," he says. "It does appear that there has been possible contamination and the product has been withdrawn by the Health Department. The wash is also being withdrawn and the analysis is underway."

All the products have been withdrawn from the market and will be examined. So far only a few pharmacies have been involved, says Detective Inspector READ.

"We are keeping an open mind as to where and how they might have been contaminated. Inquiries will begin a process of elimination as at which point this could have happened," he says.

So far there have only been complaints from Christchurch purchasers.


Detective Inspector Peter READ, 03 363 7400

Dr Alistair Humphry, Medical Officer of Health,


Dr John Fountain, National Poison Centre, Dunedin

Dr Stewart Jessamine, Medsafe, Ministry of Health , Wellington

Issued by Canterbury District Police

Maggie LEASK, Communications Manager, 03 363 7815, 027 4 363 701