Wednesday, 7 July 2004 - 1:01pm |
National News

Rescue update

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The rescue teams at Arthurs Pass are still waiting for a break in the weather to get a helicopter in to rescue the two young men who have been stranded since Sunday night.

Sergeant Peter Summerfield, (who has just taken over as O/C search) says that there is a team of two ACR members sitting on the ridge between Mt Phipps and Mt Temple, overlooking the area where the two men are situated `weather spotting’, watching for a break in the clouds.

In a hut in Deception Valley below the area where the men are are two more weather watchers spotting for clearances.

"We’re all just waiting," says Peter Summerfield. "We’re weather dependent."

There are two paramedics and a doctor on standby with the Westpac Rescue helicopter.