Thursday, 29 July 2004 - 12:01pm |
National News

Police receive extra funding for priority initiatives

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Police have received additional funding of $3.038 million to meet high priority initiatives to maintain and enhance service delivery and staff safety.

Police Commissioner Rob Robinson said approval had been given for funds held by the LTSA to be used by Police to meet resourcing needs in the communication centres, professional driver training programme and the prosecutions service.

The three priority areas in which the funding will be spent are

• The equivalent of 18 sworn positions in the Communication Centres to meet increased demand that road policing activity is placing on dispatch and communications services (5 positions in South Comms, 5 positions in Central Comms and 8 positions in North Comms);

• Twelve positions to commence implementation of a professional driving programme to address concerns about police driving conduct and health and safety risks to staff and the public. The 12 positions were recommended by the Pursuits Review which came out earlier this year.

• Nine positions to develop road policing prosecution expertise in the prosecutions service centre and to enable the centre to address current caseloads.

Mr Robinson said he was grateful for the Minister of Transport’s approval to the funding which followed recommendations from the LTSA, MOT and Police.