Wednesday, 4 August 2004 - 12:01pm |
Auckland City

Going beyond the call of duty - what job code to use

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North Shore Police received a call for help early this morning that fitted into the category of "if we are able we will respond."

Night staff had a quiet shift as far as crime was concerned and so were able to go beyond the call of duty, after Northern Communications received a call with a difference.

An elderly resident of Browns Bay rang for assistance after her dog managed to get one of its claws stuck in its ear from scratching itself.

The lady could not drive to the vet and the vet would not do a house call. Unsure what to do next the lady rang police for help. Police decided to respond as the lady was quite upset and concerned for the welfare of her dog.

A night shift patrol was sent to the job at 4:19am and was able to assist by removing the claw out of the dog's ear.

A job such as this is coded as a "2P" known as public relations.

Issued by
Jayson Rhodes
Communications Manager
North Shore/Waitakere/Rodney Police
4889 758 / 027 281 0271