Friday, 6 August 2004 - 1:01pm |
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Waitakere Police investigate kidnapping and car fire

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Waitakere Police are making inquiries into three separate incidents that occurred on Thursday night.

A police pursuit was initiated at 10:41pm last night of a stolen vehicle on Great North Road, New Lynn. During the pursuit, the vehicle is believed to have gone through a red light and collided with two other vehicles on the corner of Ash St and Great North Road.

The driver of one of the other two cars was taken to hospital for x-rays, the other driver stopped round the corner to check damage to his car. That driver has told Police a man carrying a crowbar then threatened him. The man forced him to drive to various addresses for about an hour before abandoning the driver and the vehicle at a service station in Avondale.

Police are now trying to locate the male driver of the car being pursued after he escaped on foot following the crash. The female passenger was arrested and charged with unlawfully getting into a stolen vehicle.

A second pursuit at 11:30 pm was initiated after a vehicle that was acting suspiciously refused to stop in Moire Road, West Harbour. The car eventually stopped at an address in Te Atatu North.

In relation to the second pursuit a 32 year old unemployed man was arrested and is facing charges of failing to stop, reckless driving, supplying false details, receiving stolen property and possession of tools for burglary.

Area Commander, Inspector Mark O’Connor says, "A full investigation will be carried out of both pursuits with interviews of those involved still to take place."

In the third separate incident two detectives were on a patrol in Turanga Road, Waiatarua. They noticed the smell of something burning and decided to return the car to Henderson Police station.

While one detective was checking an address he noticed smoke coming from under the bonnet of the unmarked car. Within a few minutes the entire car was engulfed in flames.

Attempts were made to put out the fire with an extinguisher but this had little effect, all that is left is a burnt out car.

Precautions had to be taken as the car was carrying firearms and there was the danger of ammunition detonating with a number of discharges heard.

Inspector Mark O’Connor, says, "The first priority was the safety of the public and the fire-fighters due to the danger of ammunition detonating. Cordons were established with residents in the street asked to stay inside and the Fire Service was warned that ammunition was in the vehicle." says Inspector O’Connor.

Inspector O’Connor says, " The issuing of the firearms is an operational matter. Patrols such as this one are authorised to carry firearms and there was sufficient ammunition for the protection of the public and police."

Both detectives escaped unharmed.

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