Tuesday, 5 October 2004 - 5:01pm |

Community Policing Centres stay open

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Frontline emergency response police patrols will continue to operate from Johnsonville and Kilbirnie Community Policing Centres as part of an initiative to enhance the level of police service in the suburbs.

Superintendent Rob Pope, Wellington Police District Commander, says his focus is on providing the best possible policing service to the wider Wellington community through effective use of resources and by working with staff to provide a more visible police presence on the streets.

Superintendent Pope says he has never suggested closing Johnsonville or Kilbirnie, and he restated this position to staff from both centres today. He has also advised nonsworn watchhouse assistants that they will continue to work from both bases.

"I acknowledge there has been some confusion about our intended plans. The position is that by reconfiguring our frontline rosters, temporarily drawing on some community services staff, we will for the summer months have an emergency response capability operating out of both bases 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This temporary change takes effect from 1 November and means a better after hours coverage in the suburbs than is currently the case, particularly during the holiday period when people are out and about."

Superintendent Pope says staff support the move which will see the late night patrols managed by the shift commander operating from Wellington Central Police Station.

"This will give us greater flexibility to put the patrols where there is the crime need. There will be times when the Johnsonville and Kilbirnie patrols are called on to help patrols operating out of Wellington Central, just as Central staff will go to assist those working in the suburbs. This is no more than what the public would expect. In fact I’m sure they will welcome news that we will be operating frontline patrols seven nights a week out of Johnsonville and Kilbirnie."

Superintendent Pope says police remain committed to community policing and to providing an efficient emergency response capability.


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