Wednesday, 6 October 2004 - 4:01pm |
Auckland City

Police believe car jacking victim saved himself injury or worse by right actions

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15 year old, Les Mills - the victim of a car jacking in Herne Bay on Monday night probably saved himself from injury or worse by complying with his attackers demands.

"Car jackings are unfortunately starting to happen in NZ, this one is the 4th in Auckland City since July" said Auckland City Police Operations Manager, Inspector Jim Wilson.

"The young man kept a cool head and was compliant, then at the earliest opportunity fled from the vehicle… it was a text book example of how to deal with that situation and particularly impressive because of his youth"

"Obviously every situation is different and the action taken will depend on the circumstances but there are some simple prevention measures every driver can take to minimise the risks".

Drivers should:

• Keep your windows done up
• Keep your car locked while travelling
• Don’t have prolonged eye contact with anyone you feel is suspicious
• If possible, when parked and waiting – stay in well lit public areas
• If someone tries to get into your car, try and safely drive off before they gain entry
• Bring attention to your situation – use horn and hazard lights

If an offender gains access to your car:

• Keep a cool head, don’t provoke the offender
• Comply with their demands
• Try and get detailed description of the offender
• Try and remember what they say
• Look for an opportunity to escape safely from the vehicle
• Remember where you were taken

Once free, identify the direction the car left from and call police immediately on 111.

"If you are young, elderly or feel vulnerable when driving try and have someone accompany you – lone drivers are more at risk"

"Ultimately remember that it’s only a car, it’s not worth being injured over".


Issued by:
Andi Devlin
Communications Assistant
Auckland City Police