Tuesday, 21 December 2004 - 3:01pm |
National News

Liquor bans will continue to be vigorously enforced

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Liquor bans will continue to be invoked despite today's publicity about the need in defended hearings for police to prove that the liquor confiscated contains the necessary alcohol content.

Assistant Commissioner Peter Marshall said today that liquor bans had been hugely successful in recent years in reducing problems caused by alcohol fuelled violence and disorderly behaviour. Local authorities and the general public whom they serve had been very supportive in putting bans in place, especially in high profile holiday spots which in earlier years had been the scene of perennial problems.

Mr Marshall said that other than being more vigilant in seizing alcohol as an exhibit for potential prosecution before the courts, Police procedures would remain the same.

"We will continue to exercise discretion and commonsense in policing liquor bans. Where an officer decides that a prosecution is warranted then a sample of alcohol will be secured for potential use should the matter proceed to a defended hearing.

"If Police do incur costs of analysis of samples we will be seeking to recover the costs of such analysis if the person defending the matter is convicted by the court," said Mr Marshall.