Thursday, 21 April 2005 - 7:01pm |

Canterbury District staff in email inquiry

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Sixty one staff in the Canterbury Police District have been served letters advising that they will be investigated to in relation to the National Internal Police investigation taking place for alleged sending or holding a range of inappropriate images on the police email network.

Superintendent Sandra Manderson, Canterbury District Commander, stresses that only a small proportion of sworn and non sworn staff in the Canterbury Police District, which includes Timaru and surrounding areas, will be investigated. Canterbury is the biggest police district in the country with just under 1000 staff.

"The investigation could potentially involve criminal or internal disciplinary charges but I am adamant that the operational, front line and investigative services to the public will not be affected," she says. "I would like to stress no child pornography is involved."

"The reputation of the New Zealand Police and the professional integrity of all our staff is very important which is why the e-mail audit was initiated. Our people play an important role in society and we want to make sure that what we do and say reflects the high standards expected by Police and the public.

"It is disappointing that some of our people are caught up in this investigation. I do not condone the sending or receiving of inappropriate images which have been sourced from public and private sector groups as well as private addresses.

"It is important that the public are confident police staff operate in a professional and ethical way at all times

"News of the investigation is a sobering reminder to all our staff of the need to adhere to our guidelines around e-mail usage. The good news is that a problem has been identified by police and we are taking action on it."