Friday, 29 April 2005 - 3:01pm |

Operation Painter - associates still wanted

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Police are still asking for several people to come forward and identify themselves as associates and in relation to the movements of Susan Sutherland on the two days before her death on Saturday 16 April.

"With the assistance of the public we have developed the profile of an Indian male in a white car who had been approaching Christchurch street workers in the months prior to Susan Sutherland's death, late February- April," says Detective Senior Sergeant Dave Harvey

"We continue to ask for the dark complexioned male who was driving the white coloured Honda Prelude with black stripe, pop up headlights and a spoiler or moulding on the boot, to come forward and identify themselves," he asks. "The fact that the driver has not come forward is of concern to the investigation team as we would like to be able to eliminate them from the focus of the inquiry."

It is not known if the two people sought are one and the same and police would like to be able to clarify this.

The two males who had contact with Susan on the Friday night/ Saturday morning previously appealed for, have not yet come forward either.

Previous releases
21 April
The investigation to date has identified that between 4-5am on the morning of Saturday 16 April, a male, race unknown but described as having dark complexion, a thick black moustache and dark hair, and driving a white Honda Prelude/ Accord/ Integra, mid 1980's, with a rear spoiler and a black strip down the side, was seen in the Manchester Street area.

"This person should come forward to identify themselves to Police," asks David Harvey. "People who know of someone who fits this description or the identity of the car, should also come forward, as he was one of many people who were identified as being in the area who we have been unable to discount from the inquiry."

26 April
"It is known (Susan Sutherland), had contact with one male at 10pm on Friday night and with another male from midnight through to 1.30am on Saturday," he says. "The inquiry would like those individuals to come forward so we can discount their involvement in anything that has subsequently happened to Susan."

Those individuals can be assured says Detective Senior Sergeant Harvey, that Police will deal with their contacts with Susan in a confidential manner.