Thursday, 5 May 2005 - 12:00pm |

Operation Painter, car photo released

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Police have released the photo of a vehicle believed to be the car Susan Sutherland may have got into on the night she died.

The vehicle is a 1987 white Honda Prelude which was in Armagh Street, driving across Colombo Street towards Manchester Street, at 5.03am on Saturday 16 April. This photo was caught on a Crime Camera at that intersection, says Detective Senior Sergeant David Harvey.

The white Honda Prelude has a black rubber strip or stripe, moulding or a spoiler on the boot, mag wheels, a sun roof and pop up headlights.

"The driver of this vehicle has not come forward and this is of concern to the inquiry," says David Harvey. "We believe that both Susan and another street worker may have been approached by the driver of a similar vehicle between 4am and 5am on Saturday morning, 16 April."

"I believe that there are people in Christchurch who know this vehicle and the driver. I ask that those people, whether family, friends, work associates or neighbours, come forward as this vehicle must be identified."

The post mortem examination of Susan revealed that the offender killed her with their bare hands. The investigation team has not discounted the possibility that she has fought with the person prior to her death.

"I ask anyone who knows of an individual who, since 16 April, has had injuries consistent with scratches to their face, body or arms, to contact us," says DSS David Harvey. "People may also know of someone whose behaviour has changed since 16 April. I would also ask those people to contact the investigation team."

Any one may contact us on a confidential basis on 363 7620."