Saturday, 4 June 2005 - 11:01am |
National News

Police urge holiday motorists to ‘keep left’

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Police are urging Queen’s Birthday weekend motorists to ‘keep left’ and adjust their driving to the conditions which are forecast to be dangerous in many areas.

Superintendent Steve Fitzgerald, national road policing manager, said a wet and bleak start to the weekend in many areas means drivers need to be extra careful.

"Our key message is to adjust your speed and following distances to the conditions and above all, stay on your own side of the road," he said.

We have had an horrific couple of weeks on the roads but we would like everyone to make it home again by Tuesday. If everyone takes the care they need to, is mindful of the conditions and wears their safety belts, perhaps for the first time in forty years we could have a fatality free holiday Queen’s Birthday weekend.

The holiday weekend starts at 4pm today and finishes at 6am on Tuesday

Superintendent Fitzgerald also reminded drivers of the need to have their licence with them.


The Police website- will display an ongoing tally of the road toll during the holiday weekend.