Tuesday, 14 June 2005 - 5:01pm |
National News

Man arrested for Feilding double homicide

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Police have today arrested and charged a 52 year old Feilding man with the murders of Margaret Waldin and Ted Ferguson.

The man will appear in the Palmerston North District Court tomorrow morning.

Detective Senior Sergeant Craig Sheridan said he was unable to provide any further detail about the arrested man, or the circumstances of the crimes, as the case is now a matter for the court and is sub judice.

The arrest has come on day seventeen of the investigation. Considerable progress has been made since Margaret Waldin's and Ted Ferguson's bodies were discovered on the morning of Sunday 29 May 2005. A team of approximately 29 Police investigators, along with assistance from ESR scientists, a forensic pathologist, search teams, Feilding Police staff and a team of non-sworn Police personnel has been working on this investigation.

"There are still ongoing enquiries in respect of this investigation and this may continue for some time," said Mr Sheridan.

"An address associated with the arrested man is currently undergoing examination by Police investigators and ESR scientists. This process could also take some days."

"This afternoon I met with both Margaret and Ted's families and advised them of the arrest. The families are well aware that the Police investigation is not finished, and our enquiries will be ongoing."

Approximately 25 recruits from the Royal New Zealand Police College today started a search at the Feilding tip looking for items associated with the murders said Mr Sheridan.