Wednesday, 15 June 2005 - 11:01pm |
National News

Wellington Police praise rugby fan

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Wellington Police are praising the honesty of a local rugby fan who handed in a large sum of cash he found during tonight's Lions rugby match at the Westpac Stadium.

Inspector Paul Berry, Wellington Police Operations, says the 25-year-old found the money during the game.

"The money must have slipped out of someone's pocket as they were walking down an aisle," Inspector Berry says. "It's fantastic that a young man found it, knew that someone would be very upset at losing perhaps their holiday money, and has handed it in.

"The owner should contact Westpac Stadium officials if they think the money belongs to them."

Police aren't prepared to disclose just how much cash was found.

Inspector Berry says the behaviour of those at the game was great with no trouble at the ground and, as at 10.30pm, no arrests in the city relating to after match festivities.

"It's been a good night so far and we hope it stays that way."